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There are two schools of what a list can be:
1. A generalized Maybe (i.e., a "list of successes")
2. A beginning of an infinite stream (i.e., in a zip-like applicative)

Ethical diamonds don't exist. Virtually all diamonds are blood diamonds: they are used to finance wars in Africa and, recently in Ukraine. The idea that you have to buy a diamond ring to announce your love for somebody is a apartheid era marketing ploy.

Unlike the mindless assassins who are after Salman Rushdie, I have actually read Satanic Verses when it was first published. Barbaric acts will never stop the free exchange of ideas.

Musee d'Orsay is a repurposed train station, which included a hotel and an opulent banquet hall.

By positioning Ukraine as a "brother nation," Putin became Cain to the Ukrainian Abel. In this re-enactment of the old fratricidal archetype, Russia, like Cain, is shunned among nations, as it plods ahead.

These are my meditations on Fernand Cormon's Caïn, at the Musée d'Orsay.

Doesn't everybody, when they're fired, raid the mailroom for office supplies, especially the boxes with "top secret" printed on them?

I guess as long as there are marks walking the streets there will be operators bilking them out of their money.

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Parents suing each other over a compensation for their KIA son. "He only remembered he had a son when he heard about the money!"

Stories from Russia uncover alien mentality. Parents bragging on TV about buying a new Lada with the "coffin money" they got for their KIA son. The horror!

Latest from Kremlin:

Abel was a Nazi and Cain went to liberate him.

More details in Awodey: . In particular:
"The cubical setting seems to be better suited to HoTT than the simplicial one (or the globular one). It may also be of some use in homotopy theory (cf. recent work by Jardine, Grandis, Williamson, and others)."

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I love making jokes that require years of study to understand 😎

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