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Extreme science 

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Sets of ordered pairs are called binary relations. Let A and B be sets then the binary relation from A to B is a subset of A x B. In other words, a binary relation from A to B is a set of ordered pairs where the first element of each ordered pair comes from A and the second from B.

"if I was thinking, I wouldn't thought of that"

"wonder twins power active"..
... form of (vacuum cleaner)

Joke sucks sorry

We didn't land on Plymouth Rock; the rock was landed on us. We were brought here against our will; we were not brought here to be made citizens.

When one is involved in the affairs of a warrior, such as being a kaishaku or making an arrest within one's own clan or group, people will notice when the time comes if he has resolved beforehand that no one can take his place. One should always take the attitude of standing above other in martial valor, always feel that he is inferior to no one, and always cultivate his courage.

Midlife crisis 

Does not compute", and variations of it, is a phrase often uttered by computers, robots, and other artificial intelligences in popular culture. The phrase indicates a type of cognitive dissonance on the part of the machine in question.


Friend: do you want to take a seat?
Me: you mean literally?
Friend: no
Me: I'm busy at the ground floor here trying to get a crowd
Friend: how about some time up here?
Me: where are you exactly?
Friend: rooftop!
Me: why?
Friend: cause I have the birds eye view
Me: sounds dumb
Friend: well, once you settle up with everyone there
Come up and see me sometime
Me: no thanks
Me again: I wonder where they get the time?
Friend: hey, I heard that
Me: yeah I bet you did!
Friend: what does what mean

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