When I was an undergrad, I had a job on campus as a DECsystem-20 systems programmer. So when my colleague Rich Pattis announced that, in preparation for his impending retirement, he was clearing out his office and giving away, among other things, the PDP-10 front console he had rescued from the trash pile of another university, I jumped at the opportunity. Here it is, atop one of my office bookshelves. Note the 36 keys in the front row: its memory was organized into 36-bit words, not bytes.

@11011110 Lovely :)

"Let me just toggle in the bootloader real quick." :blobcatgiggle:

@11011110 I fondly remember my experience with a DECsystem 10. The filesystem metadata was stored in Resource Information Blocks, and there were two: the Prime and the Spare.

One of the few good puns from that era.

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