The most recent image of me on my site was from 2009 and getting pretty out-of-date. So I took a screenshot of myself as I look these days on Zoom.

This is far from the first time I've let my hair go at least this long, but I'm still looking forward to a time when I will feel more comfortable getting a haircut.

It occurs to me that there has been a reversal: now, instead of showing off rebelliousness (see, I am visibly conforming to safety rules.

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@11011110 I had a cut recently, lily caught me in front of a mirror trying to fix it and adviced me to WEAR A HAT. I say the three days of snow storm we have here is totally her fault.

@mathsandcrafts I happened to be on a Zoom with Marc yesterday and he also mentioned it was snowing. Is snow in April common there? (Here, snow is for mountains.)

At least, if you want to wear headgear, the weather gives you an excuse for it.

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