YouTube no longer an acceptable platform for course lecture or academic talk content:

Unless, of course, you and your university are comfortable with your students or other audience members being subject to advertisements that interrupt the lectures and are beyond your control both in their placement and content.


> #YouTube no longer an acceptable platform for course #lecture or #academic talk content

No longer?

@0 Well, retroactively it never was because now all that old content will also be ad-laden. But for a while it seemed like a good way to host academic content while also making it accessible to interested outsiders. There are a lot of good lectures and talks hosted on it.


Yeah. I guess that's why the French educational system uses #peertube quite extensively. Aside from, obviously, not being a monetisation platform, it has the advantage of the content being curated by academic / school staff and therefore subject to a certain level of reliability and trust, as opposed to YouTube, which could offer some random nutter's conspiracy video in the suggestions if they think that's going to make them money.

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