Sometimes when I've been doing big literature searches on jstor (manually clicking on dozens of links because jstor's search results don't tell me which book is being reviewed, delayed by maybe a second or so per click so that I don't get stopped by jstor's anti-bot filters) I then get locked out of Google Scholar for a day or so on the same IP address because Google thinks I'm a bot. It doesn't happen when I search Scholar directly. Has anyone else noticed this? Any idea how to avoid it?

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@arjen Yes, that's how I've been working around it. Usually it's in the other order: use JSTOR, get locked out of GS, start VPN to access GS from a different IP. But today I happened to be on the VPN when I got locked out, so turning it off worked to escape the lockout (and apologies to whoever else at my university gets the same IP address while it's still locked out).

It would be nice to find a way to prevent it happening in the first place, though.

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