Despite new US covid cases being more or less the same level (or worse) as the start of the lockdown in March, some universities are telling their students that it's safe to return to normal and at the same time telling their faculty that unless they're close to retirement age and have additional medical conditions, they must teach face to face:

@11011110 Whaaaat...

We're not doing comparatively that badly over here (but still not great) and our universities are staying online-only:

@11011110 Based on the data I have seen, the USA may be done with this by next summer. Mayb. Canada perhaps by winter or spring.,linear,permillion;canada,united-states,iceland,italy,iran,singapore

@bamfic The site I'm following for data (not projections) is

Based on the ineffective progress controlling this so far in the US, I think the only hope for getting over this anytime soon is the development and wide deployment of an effective vaccine.

@11011110 Sometimes I'm annoyed at my faculty union. This is not one of those times. Not that my admin seems dangerously keen to bring back f2f teaching. Where I am a vocal minority of faculty is complaining about missing access to their offices, but you know profs, we'd find something to complain about in any situation. 😋

@11011110 At my institution the administration got so excited about online classes that they want to keep them after covid is over :)

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