See for a festive two-to-one star dissection. Merry Christmas, everyone, or whatever your appropriate seasonal greeting might be!

Many thanks for introducing! 

@11011110 Coincidentally This basically method of is found in puzzle book written by "Gisaku Nakamura" (I forget book's title) , I applied it to triangles and so on about a year ago (like a attached image). Probably these first method are invented from "Mr. Henry Ernest Dudeney's hinged dissections" , Thanks all!

By the way, in some cases it may be more suitable the another method… 

For reference, Japanese Puzzler "Puzzdog's dissection method" may be more suitable in the other case (Dudeney's method is not suitable?). For example, but not a good example

Although, Dudeney's method is nice. I call that name of this attached is "Santa Transform". Thank God It's !

Although, "Puzzdog's dissection" method is suitable for converting parallelograms at equal angles (cf. Attached image is a method of combining similar triangles (It is described in the book of 細矢治夫ら著『多角形百科』
.).). I used the method to

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