Australia's war on encryption: the sweeping new powers rushed into law

With all the vague "end of the internet!" or "why is everyone so upset at such good idea" stories elsewhere on the new Australian backdoor-your-apps law, it's good to see a piece that explains what it actually does.

The moral seems to be: don't allow or agree to any automatic updates while in Australia. Australians, if you want security from govt snooping and from security flaws, tough luck.

@0xDE @Adrian Cochrane

Yeah, it's unfortunate, but I'm personally not too worried. I'm not going to tell you why on this insecure channel.

@mike Sure, if you're technically inclined, you can use open source systems and secure your own hardware and feel reasonably secure. But it's important to have freedom from government snooping for the masses, not just for a small number of knowledgeable people. Not least because when there are only a small number of people for whom the regular snooping measures are insufficient, the snoopers can concentrate their power on those people.

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